Is Bing the right search engine for you?

Have you ever tried asking your search engine something to no avail? With many of us facing this problem, Bing has been updated with four new features that give users more thorough answers and enable it to respond to broader search terms.

Validating answers using many websites

Before the recent update, Bing would answer questions based on what it found on a single website. Now, it scours several sites and aggregates results before replying to your query. For questions that have two different perspectives, answers from both sides will be compiled and displayed at the top of the search page. A compilation of answers will also be given for questions with numerous answers.


Have you ever gotten an answer you couldn’t comprehend? Search engines have a relatively easy time finding answers, but they don’t always display the simplest ones. For example, knowing that Syria is 71,498 square miles isn't the same as learning that Syria is approximately as big as Florida, but depending on where you live one is much better than the other.

With Bing now providing relevant analogies and comparisons, information has become easier to understand. Answers are based on things search engine users are familiar with, making the search experience far more user-friendly and empathetic.

Clarifying questions

Bing is now able to provide a more specific answer when being asked broad or conversational questions. To accomplish this, the search engine will ask the user follow-up questions to refine search results.

Microsoft has also an advanced image search, which allows users to search based on specific objects within images. For example, if you wish to purchase a shirt you saw in a picture, Bing’s advanced image search allows you to select it and locate a store that sells it.

Partnering with Reddit

Bing has also partnered with Reddit to display information from its threads to Bing’s search page. What this means for users is that certain topics in Reddit or subreddits can be searched through Bing search. Answers found in the site will also be displayed on the search page.

With these four new features in Bing, searching for your answers has never been easier. To find out more about other web and cloud services, give us a call today.

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