Why Us

We completely reverse the traditional support model.

Contrary to the usual case where customers are directed to entry-level support staff, at Hudson Valley IT Services, you speak directly to our most experienced (20+ years), knowledgeable, highly skilled, and certified consultants right from the start. We won’t waste your time (and money) and will handle any issues -- even the smallest ones!

We are very loyal to our consultants and customers.

As a small operation, we are not a revolving-door IT sweatshop that constantly looks for new staff. Hence, our customers trust their livelihoods to our loyal consultants. Some of our customer relationships have been on going since 1999.

We don’t make excuses.

One of our clients said that this was the most stunning thing he observed when he started working with us -- "Everything that was put on our plate was done and accounted for, no ifs or buts". Before, all he got was excuses why things weren't done.

We provide a very proactive and fully managed commercial IT service.

We take pride in doing things right, and have done so since 1999. Hundreds of commercial customer networks in different industries including healthcare, manufacturing, retail, legal, and financial, have benefitted from our services, with close to 2 million support tickets closed.

We are able to keep up with changing technology and emerging security challenges.

We are extremely efficient and proficient with technology. This allows us to keep our services affordable for small business customers of any kind. We are able to help our customers streamline their IT operations and cut unnecessary costs.

We continuously monitor and maintain client computer networks to minimize business risks.

This is done 24/7/365. Our network management platform is free to customers while we are engaged with them. External and internal quarterly security audits are also free.

Our IT helpdesk system is also free for our customers.

Our customers have real-time access to work statuses on projects and support issues. They also have access to up-to-date IT reports like an executive summary, hardware / software inventory, remote access logs, and other valuable information.

We become a virtual IT department for our customers.

Our customers save on payroll and on IT infrastructure -- there are no costly mistakes with us.