6 Reasons small businesses are switching to managed services providers

6 Reasons small businesses are switching to managed services providers

Most business leaders appreciate the role of modern technology in maintaining their competitive edge, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to select the right solutions and keep everything running smoothly. Now that there’s a far greater variety of devices and platforms than ever before, implementing a secure and reliable technology infrastructure is even more challenging.

One way to overcome the challenges of modern technology and ensure that your digital transformation aligns with your corporate goals is to partner with a technology vendor who has a vested interest in providing a dependable service. Enter the age of managed services providers (MSPs) and the many benefits they can bring to small businesses everywhere.

Here are six reasons why switching to an MSP makes sense:

#1. It’s affordable

If you’re not already making use of cloud computing, chances are you’re spending a lot more on technology than you need to. Before, companies would keep their computing resources on-premises, since limited internet bandwidth made cloud computing practically impossible. Now everything has changed, and instead of keeping expensive, high-end hardware on-site, you can outsource your computing workloads to an MSP, many of whom also offer the full range of cloud services. That means greatly reduced reliance on local IT resources and predictable monthly fees.

#2. It’s scalable

In-house technology quickly becomes an obstacle for many growing businesses that find that their IT is unable to keep up with sudden periods of increased demand. For example, hiring a new employee might traditionally mean buying a new workstation or providing them with a company-owned laptop. The cloud forgoes this, as its remote computing resources aren’t limited by the same constraints as in-house IT. Managed cloud services offer maximum scalability, since your computing workloads are handled in enormous modern data centers.

#3. It’s accessible

The rise of mobile technology has sealed the fate of the 9-to-5 workday spent stuck in front of an office desk. More employees are working remotely, and the trend is showing no sign of abating. It offers important advantages too, especially when it comes to employee morale and productivity. Since managed services are delivered over the internet, they’re accessible anywhere from any connected device, regardless of which platform it’s running. This makes your computing infrastructure far more accessible, flexible, scalable, and fully prepared for the mobile workforce.

#4. It’s secure

It’s a common misconception that migrating to the cloud means compromising on cybersecurity. In fact, the most basic service that most MSPs offer is round-the-clock network monitoring to prevent malicious traffic from reaching your systems. In most cases, managed services are more secure than anything you can hope to achieve in-house, since providers have economies of scale on their side, giving them access to best-in-class technology and industry expertise. That’s why partnering with an IT service provider you can depend on is also a wise cybersecurity decision.

#5. It’s future-proof

The average layman might not realize it, but consumers and businesses are already using the cloud for a multitude of everyday services, such as online banking, storage, and email. Many companies are taking the cloud a step further by using virtualized desktops and servers hosted in the cloud, in which almost all computing workloads are carried out in a remote data center rather than on machines in the office. That’s the future of computing. Managed services give you access to the cutting-edge technology you need to stay ahead in a constantly-changing IT environment.

#6. It’s resilient

Technology might be a critical enabler of modern business, but that doesn’t mean it can’t turn out to be your worst enemy. Whether it’s a data breach, a system failure, or a natural disaster that hits your business, it doesn’t take much for your infrastructure to become unworkable. Fortunately, managed services have disaster recovery and business continuity built in, at least to a degree. By migrating your apps and data to an external host with access to redundant data centers, you should never have to worry about a technology and data-loss meltdown again.

Hudson Valley IT Services lets you leave your technology worries with the experts so that you can get on with running your business. Call us today to find out how we can provide you with general MSP, cybersecurity, data backup and disaster recovery, data compliance, IT consulting, and many more services.

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