On-demand IT: Why is it better for small businesses?

On-demand IT: Why is it better for small businesses?

It’s important to have expert IT support if you rely on technology in any capacity. But if you’re a small business in New York or New Jersey, chances are you don’t have a dedicated IT department on staff and you probably don’t want to if you’re running on a tight budget. Instead, you should opt for on-demand IT support.

What’s on-demand IT?

On-demand IT support offers the same services you’d expect from a full-time IT department, but the difference is they’re not under your payroll and they bill you affordable rates. This service offers a host of benefits for small businesses.

Reduced costs

The biggest benefit is the cost. Instead of paying a fixed salary for a mid-range technician, on-demand IT services means you only pay for the service you requested. So if your network is operational most of the time, but you experience an occasional drop in performance, it makes more sense to have an on-demand IT company fix your issue and bill you once.

Cutting-edge technology

The most cutting-edge technologies are usually out of reach for small businesses, but since on-demand IT providers are partnered with industry leaders, you get access to exclusive deals. They also use state-of-the-art tools themselves to service your systems like advanced threat scanning, patch management, and server monitoring solutions.

No IT distractions

Small businesses often struggle to get ahead of their competitors because they’re constantly distracted by IT issues. On-demand IT providers handle all the complex computer issues haunting you. This way, you can focus on turning a profit and getting your business off the ground.

Enhanced cybersecurity

On-demand IT companies provide excellent cybersecurity services. They’ll scan your systems for software vulnerabilities and fix them as soon as possible. If your systems were compromised, on-demand IT technicians also run diagnostics and offer technologies and strategies to prevent these incidents from happening again.

Optimized IT

One of the arguments against on-demand IT is it only fixes surface-level issues. But this isn’t the case when you work with top-notch consultants. On-demand service providers perform comprehensive assessments to make informed recommendations about how you can optimize your technology.

Expert-level service

On-demand IT support offers high-quality service. If you hire an in-house technician, you’re relying on their set of skills to support your small business. But what if they don’t have the expertise you need? A technician you hired to manage your desktops and servers may not be able to help you with cloud migrations and network security. To help you in these areas, your technicians will need to attend training seminars and get the relevant certifications, and that costs extra.

On-demand IT companies have a full roster of technicians with specialties ranging from desktop deployment and email support to network infrastructure implementation and virtualization. This means they can deliver better and faster services than an in-house IT department can.

The best part is, on-demand IT consultants are available whenever you need them. There’s always an expert on standby, ready to fix your issues over the phone or on site.

That’s the same level of service you can expect from Hudson Valley IT services. Our highly experienced and certified technicians are equipped to deal with any issue, and we have the service-level agreements to prove it. If your partner with us, we can guarantee fast response and resolution times, seamless implementations, and expert advisory services. We charge competitive rates for our services, so your small business gets access to enterprise-level support. Call us today to sign up for our on-demand IT support and consulting services.

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